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Open Monday June 1

Here is what to expect when you come for an appointment beginning June 1. Park Street Kuts Family;

We apologize for the way we now have to do things. Your safety as well as ours is our top priority now. Please be patient and kind, we are new to this and will fall behind. Please expect to spend longer than usual with us to properly go through all of our procedures. We are all frustrated and nervous with the new regulations. We apologize that magazines, toys, the waiting area, etc. are not allowed at this time. Please understand your family members must wait in the car, they may NOT come in with you. One customer for one stylist is the ratio. We are not allowed more than 10 Individuals in the salon including the stylist. A child and parent count as 2. We must service you in the least amount of time as possible. It is not our choice and we do not like it either. We are following the new regulations set in place by the State of Vermont. 

****PARKING: We have assigned parking along the length And side of the building. We have 4 spots with signs, feel free to use them. If these spots are taken, please park elsewhere in the parking lot. If the lot is full, we are able to use the Parking lot across the street. ****

***Disrespect or poor treatment will immediately get you turned away, no second chances. We understand it’s tough to wait, we understand we have to change everything and this is frustrating. We apologize that we cannot change it or else we would.***

*** Sanitation and Disinfection: each stylist has taken VOSHA’ S Covid-19 Class and each stylist has taken the Barbicide Covid-19 class. Our certificates are located in our files or on our walls. Please know we are well prepared to keep you safe. ***

Here is how it will go:

  1. No walk ins are available at this time. You may call in to see if we can fit you in. We can’t guarantee to answer the phone like usual. Remember, these longer guidelines are new for us and we are focusing on keeping ourselves as safe as possible. We apologize in advance for not always being able to answer. Do NOT try to walk in past the first door, the inner doors are locked. The front door is locked. 

  2. When you arrive for your appointment, come in the first door and write your name with your cell number down on the clipboard. We must have a valid phone number for every client as required by law for contact tracing. If you don’t have a cell phone with you, write down your car color and make. Please DO NOT ENTER TO DO THIS UNLESS IT IS EMPTY, Let the stylist currently checking their client in finish and walk inside before you enter the airlock room. Once it is your turn, we will reach out. We require at least 15 minutes between each appointment. If you live in the same house, we can take you a bit quicker since everyone in each household is virtually one. We will call or text you to meet us at the door for your appt. 

  3. Only the person being serviced may enter. Unless it is a small child, which 1 masked parent may enter and stand on the opposing wall area blocked off while the stylist works on their masked child. 

  4. Upon entry into the first door, you will be met by someone. If you are feeling ill, we will need to reschedule you. We will reschedule you at that moment for a minimum of 12 days out.

  5. You MUST wear a mask and your child MUST wear a mask during the entire service. If you don’t have one, we will provide a clean towel and help show you how to manipulate it so you receive good cuts etc. Your stylist also MUST wear a mask. 

  6. You must immediately wash your hands or use hand sanitizer. Your stylist will wash their hands or use hand sanitizer as well. 

  7. After your service, we must wait seated in the station area together until the desk is empty for one stylist and one guest to check out. 

  8. The stylist will activate the system for check out and flip it to you. We are not allowed to touch anything from this point on. We apologize for this. We find it weird we can still touch cash but that’s it. We can’t touch credit cards etc. we can initial your punch card but not actually touch it. Gift cards can be redeemed at any time. 

  9. We will walk you out the door to unlock it for you. 

  10. We will sanitize for at least 15 minutes all surfaces used, touched, brushed against. All Implements used must be disinfected for 15 minutes as well. 

  11. We will wash our hands 

  12. On to the next client

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