Cancellation Policy

    - All appointments over $40.00 will require a credit or debit card to hold the appointment. Square safe guards all  personal info as such. 

   - If the appointment is cancelled BEFORE 48 hours of the appointment, there will be no fee charged. 

   - If the appointment is cancelled after the 48 hour mark, but before the 24 hour mark, there will be a fee of 25% of       the service total minus product charges. 

   - If the appointment is cancelled 13-24 hours before the scheduled appointment, there will be a 50% fee charged minus product charge. 

   - If the appointment is cancelled 12 hours or less; or a no show occurs; the fee of 75% minus product charge will be charged. 

   - The computer system determines timing, not the stylist. Please cancel via the booking app in order to ensure no mistakes are made. Please do not text the app or leave a voicemail to cancel an appointment. We don't want any accidents to occur. 

     - We are sorry if our new policy offends anyone but we have had numerous last minute cancellations for big services that easily could have been filled with proper notice. As always, if we can fill the slot, there will not be a charge.