Cancellation Policy

  • We will begin to require new client chemical services to book their appointment with a credit or debit card on file. 

  • All of our appointments are confirmed via text/ email 48 hours before the scheduled appointment time. We ask that you let us know 24 hours before your appointment if you cannot make it. 

  • We understand that situations come up that are out of our control as human beings and we get that. We are very accommodating and understanding. Our concern is more for the reoccurring cancellations that happen within a 3 hour time frame of the service frequently. 

  • These cancellation policies are determined by the stylist/ salon owners and at their discretion. We have no intention of charging no show fees unless it becomes a recurring issue between you and the salon. If there is a fee charged, it will be charged at the end of the business day and the client will receive an email or text with a copy of the cancellation policy. 

  • If you are receiving a chemical service and you do not cancel within 12 hours of your appointment, we will begin to require a cancellation fee of 50% the cost of the service, not including the product charge. However, if we are able to book the appointment slot in full, there will not be a fee charged.

  • Please understand that our time is important. If a stylist has an empty spot due to a last minute cancellation, that means they lose that amount of money in their paycheck. It also takes up appointment slots that other clients are looking for that could ensure that stylist is compensated for that time frame.