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Kayleigh Blow

Hi, my name is Kayleigh and I’ve been doing hair for a year now. I’m a stylist for Park Street Kuts. I went to Cosmetology school at Center for Technology in Essex VT. I love and enjoy all aspects of being a stylist, but my favorite is color applications, foiling highlights and fashion colors. Love Pulpriot! I love when clients come in wanting a big change done to their hair because it makes me feel like I have more time to build a relationship with them, becoming more comfortable around each other, and watching the transformation happen to their hair. It’s so aesthetic and satisfying to watch! I mostly grew up in Milton, I lived in Grand Isle up until I turned 7. I have a wonderful man by my side with a dog and a bunny. When I’m not in the salon I enjoy baking goodies, cleaning, spending time with family, and sleeping in when I can! 

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